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At Deines Manufacturing Corporation we focus on developing a simple, effective, front mount, commercial grade riding lawn mower. Our products can directly fit into your small residential lawn mowing needs, or commercial landscaping operations. With a variety of cutting deck sizes we are versatile and perfect for your lawn mowing needs...

Overhead Value (OHV) Mowers

The Deines OHV Series Mower features the Eaton hydrostat transmission with a chain reduction system. This is one of our most popular tractors for every mowing application. This tractor series is simple to use and easy to maintain. The hydrostat transmissions are an Eaton Model 6, fan cooled and there is one for each drive wheel. The chain reduction system is easy to access, and maintain. As an added feature it has adjustable idler shafts to maintain correct chain tension. The OHV Series uses the 18hp and 20hp Kohler Command overhead valve engines.

Hydrostatic Transmissions (HT) Mowers

The Deines HT Series Mowers features include two Hydro-Gear pumps and two Ross MF-16 Wheel Motors. The use of these components eliminates the need for any mechanical speed reduction within the ground drive system. Power is transmitted from the pumps through cadmium plated, flanged steel lines to the wheel motors using no rubber hoses. All hydraulic adapters are the o-ring type in order to eliminate leaks. The wheel motors will tolerate a maximum of 1,000 pounds load per wheel. There are no mechanical reduction devices such as gear boxes or roller chain sprockets on the HT Series, therefore it is an all hydrostatic unit. Hydrostatic oil capacity is three US gallons which was designed into the system to eliminate the need for troublesome heat exchangers and allow the system to remain cool and clean in tough, hot and dirty conditions.

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OHV Mowers

HT Mowers